CoolSculpting Patient Testimonials

I found it effective, easy and very interesting. Have to make time to do some more areas!” CW, Surrey

Great that you can do two parts of the body at the same time like the flanks.” BL, London

I feel more positive about how I look now and have greater body confidence.” JN, Hertfordshire

Great treatment that achieved my goals.” KW, Surrey

The experience was effective and relatively painless so I would definitely have it again.” JL, Liverpool

I think this treatment is wonderful. It is generally low on pain, completely non-invasive and delivers a visible and rapid result.” SD, London

I notice that my clothes fit me better now than previously.” SR, London

I was very pleased with the improved tone of my stomach after Coolsculpting.” LL, Surrey

It really works. I had a flat stomach for the first time in years.” CP, London

We have a number of competitively priced treatment packages to offer. For more information please talk to one of the medical staff or call 020 7499 3223 to make a consultation appointment (The CoolSculpting consultation fee redeemable against your first treatment).