CoolSculpting® Treatment Choices

We have multiple interchangeable treatment applicators to tailor the treatment to your individual needs, depending on the area of concern. What’s more, the Cranley Clinic has two machines and we are one of the few clinics to offer dual sculpting, treating two areas at once saving you time in your busy day. 


The Cranley Clinic has just taken delivery of two of the new CoolAdvantage™ applicator from Zeltiq® - making fat reduction faster, better and more comfortable.

Faster – the CoolAdvantage™ treats at a colder temperature cutting treatment time to 35 minutes v 60 minutes for the older applicators.

Better  - the new contoured cup of the CoolAdvantage™ treats 122cm square tissue v 110 cm with the older applicators.

Comfortable - the even distribution of cold from the CoolAdvantage™ applicator ensures 45% more tissue is in contact with the cold surface v the older applicators.  The lower suction pressure has a gentler tissue draw, making the treatment more comfortable.

“We are delighted that the Cranley Clinic is one of the first in the UK to take delivery this exciting new development from Zeltiq®,” said Dr Nick Lowe.  “The 3-in-1 design with interchangeable applicators  means that we are able to tackle even more of the stubborn fat pockets effectively and our two Zeltiq® machines allow us to treat two areas simultaneously.

The new CoolAdvantage handpiece will replace the older version of the CoolCore, CoolCurve and CoolFit applicators but not the CoolMax, CoolSmooth or the CoolMini.



Most areas including the abdomen, love handles, upper arms, double chin and inner thighs require a vacuum applicator cup that draws up fatty tissue and is cooled by dual panels within the device. The CoolCore, CoolCurve, CoolFit, CoolMax, CoolSmooth & CoolMini suit all these areas and more.

The CoolSculpting® system from ZELTIQ is effective for areas that healthy diet and exercise cannot reduce, for example the back, arms, specific areas of the thighs and stomach. The efficiency of the treatment makes it a popular option for both men and women. CoolSculpting® has been available for over five years and millions of treatments have already been performed worldwide.

CoolSculpting® continues to be an excellent way to redefine your silhouette and is one of our most popular treatments. CoolSculpting® is non-invasive and the majority of treatment times are just an hour per area. The Cranley Clinic is one of only a small number of clinics with the ability to offer dual sculpting (treating two areas simultaneously). As a result the majority of treatment times have been cut in half. 


The procedure known as ‘cryolipolysis’ targets, cools and eliminates fat cells without causing damage to surrounding tissue.  During this process the fat cells crystallise, break down and are then naturally flushed from the body over the next few months. A non-invasive applicator is placed onto the targeted area and the fat is drawn up into the applicator between two cooling panels by suction. As the cooling starts, a feeling of pressure and cold follows. This process takes one hour and there may be some mild bruising after the treatment. 


The Cranley Clinic is one of the few clinics to have two of the CoolSmooth applicators specially designed to target the outer thigh and saddlebag area, significantly reducing treatment time. The  CoolSmooth  applicator does not rely on suction and can be adjusted to fit each individual patient. Although the  CoolSmooth treatment takes 2 hours per area we are delighted to have been the first clinic to offer this and still one of only a handful of clinics in the UK to be able to treat both sides simultaneously, reducing the treatment time in half from four to two hours.

 A recent study using the CoolSmooth applicators showed that 86% of patients noticed visible fat reduction on their outer thighs after one treatment.

We have a number of package options to treat the stomach, flanks, thighs and back and each one includes a free treatment. For more information please talk to one of the medical staff or call 020 7499 3223 to make a consultation appointment (The CoolSculpting consultation fee redeemable against your first treatment).