The Cosmetic Removal of Moles

Dr Lowe says: "I have removed moles for patients in my private clinic who have wanted them removed because they find them unsightly and are conscious of their appearance, but this accounts for less than 5% of the patients I see every year. The moles that I have removed cosmetically have been large and on noticeable parts of the body, such as the face and nose. The most important message to convey to the public is that the most qualified and experienced person to remove a mole, for whatever reason, is a dermatologist. Non-skin specialists may not have the full expertise required to remove a mole effectively or to diagnose a cancerous or pre-cancerous skin lesion. Sometimes cancerous moles can be colourless and do not look visibly cancerous, therefore, any mole which is removed, even if it is for cosmetic reasons, should be sent to a dermatological pathology lab for testing".