Skin Cancer, Mole Screening and Treatment

The Cranley Clinic is a dermatologist led clinic with specialist extensive training and experience for examination of possible skin cancers and moles.

We have a special skin viewing system and photography to accurately diagnose these lesions. Any lesion of concern can be checked by small skin sample (biopsy) and referred to our consultant parthologist and then only if needed, further treatment is advised.



We offer prescription creams and laser treatments for pre-skin cancers and superficial skin cancers.

Photodynamic light treatment is offered for some superficial skin cancers.

Our dermatology surgeons can safely remove appropriate skin cancers.

We work with dermatopathologists and other specialists for a multidiciplined approach.


Other Advice:

We always offer comprehensive advice about future skin examinations and recommendations for sunscreens and sun protection clothing.


Basal cell cancer. Early Dermatologist diagnois leads to early and complete clearing treatment.


This mole had an irregular margin. It was Benign and did not need more treatment.


Our magnifying dermascope photography helps skin examination.


This mole is irregularly dark and needs skin biopsy.