Summer Glow

A glowing complexion is in high-demand whatever the season, but the summer months are crucial for ensuring that this is achieved. I tend to see more clients after the summer period when their acne has returned and when their summer damaged skin becomes more evident from where a tan has faded away. Yet the summertime is the perfect time of year to energise and refresh your regime. It is important to take a look at what is on your bathroom shelf and access what your skin needs during the warmer months.

Hydration and sun protection, for example, are paramount and updating your skincare regime with the change of season can help you to successfully revitalise your skin and find your summer glow. Adjusting your skincare routine is important during the summer months; it isn’t just the weather that affects your skin, it is also travelling, and our diets that cause changes. Furthermore, it is also likely that old products on your bathroom shelf will have lost their efficiency if the bottle has been left open and unused for a number of months. Make the changes now and in no time you will have a summer glow, and a sparkling confidence.


Rise and shine

It is a refreshing change, waking up to light, pleasantly warm mornings - I’m sure that you will agree. However, many of us seem reluctant to acknowledge the importance of waking up the skin properly. Awaken your skin with our uplifting Pore Refining Facial Polish that exfoliates the skin to stimulate cell renewal and purify clogged pores. A scrub can help your skin to absorb SPF more effectively, which must be applied every day to protect skin from UVA and UVB damage, especially during the summer months. Not only will your days be brighter, but your skin will look and feel so too.


Repent summer sins

Is it too late to find your bikini body? No! Diets and beach bodies may be on the tip of everyone’s tongue, but at the Cranley Clinic we have a treatment that provides quicker results. CoolSculpting can help to reduce cellulite on your outer thighs and other problem areas that cardio and weight training just cannot shift. The procedure is known as ‘cryolipolysis’ which works effectively to get rid of fat in problem areas, so that you’re one step closer to feeling body confident on the beach. Cryolipolysis targets the area, cools and eliminates fat without damaging the surrounding tissue. The fat cells crystalize, break down and are then naturally flushed from the body over a period of a few months. It’s a non-surgical option that provides great results and, unlike surgery, there is no down time. For many of my clients this is a discreet and simple option for finding their summer body confidence.


Are you ‘beach body ready’ yet?

There’s no time to lose, the countdown till our holidays has finally begun! The Venus Legacy may feel like a warm and relaxing massage but in actual fact it is working away at reducing cellulite, creating a more contoured silhouette and tightening up the skin- just in time for your holidays!


The treatment is particularly effective for problem areas such as arms, thighs and stomach areas, and is appropriate for both men and women. There is not a moment wasted with this treatment that lasts between 20-50 minutes, making it the perfect option for those needing to prepare their beach body between a busy schedule or on a lunch break. Being busy can be hard work but counting down and looking after your body before your holidays should not be. Enjoy the summer period and feel confident with smoother skin and your improved figure, surgery free!


Summer nights

Many of my clients wear less foundation during the day, and tend to apply SPF more when the summertime begins, yet I always remind them not to neglect the skin during the night-time.

During the day SPF is essential – let it become your mantra - and during those summer nights use a night creams to rehydrate and repair.