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5 Unpleasent Things Living in Johat Street Sei Mencirim

24 September 2022   14:12 Diperbarui: 24 September 2022   14:23 99
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Medan. Sumber ilustrasi: TRIBUNNEWS/Aqmarul Akhyar

5 Unpleasant Things Living in Johar Street Sei Mencirim

Medan's city life, which is known to be dynamic and close to the fun urban crowd, is not always a factor that can calm the mind of every community, as well as Deli Serdang, which has a population of more than 2 million people. Deli Serdang is a district in the province of North Sumatra, Indonesia, which is adjacent to the city of Medan. One of the villages in Deli Serdang, which is well-known among the Medanese people is Sei Mencirim. People's lives in Sei Mencirim are as busy as people in Medan city. This area is always busy with the activities of the people passing by from 5 am to 2 pm. Maybe for people living in productive areas like this, it is a good thing, but it does not rule out making people a little annoyed with some problems or unpleasant things that are happening in that area. Likewise, with the people who live in Johar street Sei Mencirim, there are many problems in this place that make people think that living in Johar street is not a pleasant thing. These are 5 unpleasant things about living in Johar street.

1.  long traffic jam on a village road

traffic jam is a common thing in big cities, but what if there is a traffic jam in the street in a village with a not-so-wide road? That's what happened in Johar street Sei Mencirim. The end of Johar street becomes a traffic jam that makes local people angry every morning because the road is not only filled with residents who want to do activities but also filled with drivers from other areas who use the road as a shortcut. They avoid traffic jams and long distances on the main road by taking the road on Johar street which they consider to be a shortcut, and without realizing that, it causes traffic jams on the small road in Johar street. Not a pleasant thing for people who do live in the area because it hampers community activities, especially on busy mornings.

2. The amount of asphalt damage on the road that hinders the driver

Good roads are important for people in an environment because roads are a medium for people to be able to access from one place to another, but this was not realized in Johar street Sei Mencirim. Lots of asphalt damage along Johar street. Asphalt damage in several parts of the road in Jalan Johar is one of the complaints of the surrounding community. It is not uncommon for driving in the opposite direction to take the driver's path in the other direction to avoid potholes. It can cause an accident if the driver is done suddenly and if you don't see another driver from the opposite direction. This action is certainly very dangerous for the driver. Moreover, the drivers in the area often drive at high speeds.

3.  Areas with a low level of security

Security is one of the important factors in the living environment. The environmental security system is a protection system for residents in the environment and surrounding areas from criminal disturbances that can come from outside the environment or from within the environment itself. One of the most important parts of maintaining environmental security is community participation. In Johar street, Sei Mencirim Village itself is an area with low security. Many suspects, both from inside and outside the neighborhood, have committed crimes such as burglars in several residents' houses. the actions of these thieves not only they do at night but sometimes during the day. That's why many residents say not to let vehicles or other valuable bands on the terrace of the house. At night there are also frequent cases of suspected thieves with residents. This is certainly very disturbing to the community. 

4.  It's hard to find good food in that area

Food vendors are a very important thing in the area where we live around us. Because, when we are at home and want to buy something to eat, then we will automatically go to buy food in the nearest vicinity. But what if the food sold in the area where you live doesn't taste good? That's what happens if you live in Johar street, Sei Mencirim Village. Very difficult to find a food seller in this area with good taste. Maybe because the food vendors here are competing to sell at low prices so that the quality of the taste becomes less. This area almost on average sells food at cheaper prices (below normal prices). So to find good food you have to buy it outside this area, which is a waste of your time and energy.

5.  The noise caused by motorcycle gangs 

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