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Metaverse in Metamodernism

20 November 2022   02:57 Diperbarui: 20 November 2022   03:44 68
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Top 10 Skills 2020 (World Economic Forum)

What is your imagination after read these two keywords (science fiction)? Yeah, it's about science in fiction, or maybe fictional universe. Science fiction (sci-fi) have speculative fiction to describe many of elements that do not exist in reality, history, nature, or the present universe.

Sci-fi have unique things, especially with new concept of innovation and invention. We can see from "Top 10 Skills 2020" (up) and "Top 10 Skills 2025" (below). Our situation (now) is in-between era from "complex problem solving" to "analytical thinking innovation".

Top 10 Skills 2025 (World Economic Forum)
Top 10 Skills 2025 (World Economic Forum)

Last year, there is one novel which connect with term #metamodernism. "Snow Crash" was 1992 novel from author, Neal Stephenson. It is one of narrative fiction from "technovelgy" which have correlation with metaverse. This novel influenced Mark Zuckerberg for change "Facebook, Inc" to "Meta Platforms". Why? Let's we "a little bit" discuss about this with hashtag #HistoryOfMetaverse.

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson (US paperback cover)
Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson (US paperback cover)

In the real world, you have choices about your appearance, but you are limited by your real height and weight (among other characteristics).

In the virtual world, the Metaverse, the appearance of your avatar can vary as much as you like.

In the #TechnovelgyStrategy, it was called #AvatarConstructionSet with the function to build your virtual self. For example, in our communication with social media, we use profile picture to develop our image. We introduce to our circle about "who am I?". Looks like our personal statement to share self-identity with image.
Metaverse is something new (at least for me) in the netizen's world. Long time ago, it was one of animator's methods to crafted their character. But now,  everybody can contribute with "self-digital mirror", for example: Jokowi and #JagatNusantara in the "Nusantara (planned city)".
What we can learn from this? Honestly, I'm still study about this topic. #Metamodernism still new word in Indonesian language. But I like it, cause this moment make me remember hashtag #FromFictionIntoReality.
(#Metamodernism | Gelumbang - South Sumatera - Indonesia; November 20th, 2022)

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