‘All I want for Christmas is a clear complexion, glowing skin and bright eyes a whole bunch of Dr Lowe products would be nice also’, The DNL Press Team.

We are all guilty of a little over indulgence over the party season. With over indulgence come skincare woes.

On the first day of Christmas my skin gave to me…My normal problems

Parties may not be in full swing yet, so start preparing your skin early to minimize damage.

Regular exfoliation will help remove the dead barrier of skin, allowing for a better absorption of other products. The Dr Nick Lowe Cooling Menthol Facial Scrub uses gentle spherical micro beads to smooth the skin, purify pores and help stimulate cell renewal, to reveal a softer, bright and more radiant complexion.

Follow this with our Super Light Skin Tone Perfector Cream the dark spot and pigment fade complex in this innovative cream combines potent lightening extracts and vitamins with anti-oxidants and radiance boosters to reduce pigment production and reveal a more even, luminous complexion.

On the second day of Christmas my skin gave to me…Tired Eyes

Late nights, parties, drinks, eyes will be one of the first places to give away your secrets this holiday season. So get the prep in early with the Dr Nick Lowe Age Correct Eye Serum. A lightweight, ultra moisturising eye serum boosted with a unique peptide complex to instantly firm, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and moisturise the delicate under eye area. An instant lift and tone effect!

On the third day of Christmas my skin gave to me…Troublesome skin

Cleansing twice a day is essential to keeping your skin prepped, primed and party ready. Over the winter, skin can become dry so turn to a creamy cleanser like the Secret Is Out Lifting Cream Cleanser to help hydrate and cleanse skin.  

 On the fourth day of Christmas my skin gave to me… Blemishes

With the parties in full swing too much alcohol and too many late nights can cause skin to breakout. Resist the urge to pick or pop and allow the Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel to come to the rescue. Containing Salicylic Acid, Vitamins A, C and E and Arnica, to help soothe redness and reduce inflammation. A party must have! Can be applied over and under make up 3 to 4 times a day


On the fifth day of Christmas my skin gave to me… Dark circles and puffiness

Make sure the only bags in sight are shopping bags, (preferably filled with presents for you).

Try to cut back on your alcohol intake as it leads to increase blood flow to the eye, leading to swelling.

For quick fix in the morning try using English Breakfast Tea Bags for their caffeine and Green Tea Bags for their antioxidant protection. Soak the tea bags in hot first to activate the caffeine, and then cool them down in the fridge. Lie down and rest them on your eyes for 10 minutes.

Give your eyes back their sparkle and erase the late night evidence with Dr Nick Lowe products. Banish dark circles with Dr Nick Lowe Dark Circles Correcting Cream and de puff those tired eyes with Dr Nick Lowe Puffy Eyes Gel.

On the sixth day of Christmas my skin gave to me… Old-looking skin

The relationship between sugar and fine lines can be sticky. And there are few times of the year where we consume as much as sugar as the festive season. Sugar causes glycation damage in the skin. This reduces the effectiveness of elastin and collagen proteins, the properties that give skin a youthful, plump appearance. Consuming large amounts of sugar will cause collagen and elastin to become more rigid, fragile and prone to damage, meaning skin will lose its snap back and wrinkles will begin to form and stick.

Carnosine and high levels of antioxidants present in our Secret Is Out Lift & Repair Night Cream are great for antiglycation.

On the seventh day of Christmas my skin gave to me… Redness

Suffering with a cold over party season? Harsh winds, cold weather and central heating can contribute towards a red nose.

Leave the red nose to Rudolph this Christmas with Dr Nick Lowe Redness Relief Calming Cream, the lightly tinted cream helps to minimize red skin tones and provides an excellent base for makeup application.

On the eighth day of Christmas my skin gave to me… Cracked Hands

Wave goodbye to dry hands this Christmas with the superb multi-tasking Double Duty SPF15 Hand Cream. Containing an advanced dual-action Vitamin A, potent moisturisers and a Mulberry derived skin lightener to help preserve the youthfulness of your hands, nails and cuticles.

On the ninth day of Christmas my skin gave to me… A dull complexion

The first sign of over doing it during the party season is that our skin loses its “glow”. To keep your skin fab not drab use a night cream. The Dr Nick Lowe Night Recovery Cream will restore and rejuvenate your skin back to its former glory. Use after the Cooling Menthol Facial Scrub for an optimum glow.

On the tenth day of Christmas my skin gave to me… Wrinkles

The top of most women’s Christmas wish list is to look ten years younger. Well, with the Dr Nick Lowe Dual Action Deep Wrinkle Filler set your watch and see the difference. More than a cream, more than a make-up prep step, this wonder fills frown lines, crow’s feet and deep set wrinkles, instantly.

On the eleventh day of Christmas my skin gave to me… A turkey neck

There is nothing that betrays a woman’s age more quickly than a sagging neck. The skin covering the neck and décolletage area is the second thinnest area of skin on the body, yet it is often left out of beauty regimes.

There are fewer oil glands in the neck than face, so the thin skin gets dry and wrinkles easily. There are also fewer melanocytes- the cells that make the pigment that protects it from sun damage.

Give this area just as much care as your face. Cleanse and tone your neck morning and evening, and massage cream in using upwards motions to boost circulation.

Use the luxurious Dr Nick Lowe Neck and Décolleté Cream for an instant lifting effect. The readily absorbed cream is designed to firm, sculpt and even skin tone irregularities whilst providing protection from skin ageing. You can also see me for neck Botox, yes I do it safely, laser, or RF Neck Tightening in the New Year.

On the twelfth day of Christmas my skin gave to me… Party Perfect Skin

Merry Christmas everyone!