Dr Lowe’s lecture focused on identifying new techniques of administering dermal fillers that go beyond the traditional applications used by most clinicians. Not only does Dr Lowe use dermal fillers for added volume and lifting effects, he has identified that by assessing the patient’s facial aesthetics, he will use a customised range of fillers with varying viscosity on the same patient. The result is that both hyaluronic based and poly-L-latic acid fillers can then be used successfully to treat:

-Lifting and volumising the mid/upper face and atrophic scars (high volume HA fillers)

-Volumising themed/upper face (mid volume HA fillers)

-Superficial wrinkles (rhytides) both perioral and lips (low volume HA fillers)

-Diffuse atrophic scars and facial atrophy (PLLA or poly-L-lactic fillers)

Dr Lowe routinely customises different fillers in conjunction with IPL and laser therapies to most effectively achieve optimum results for every patient. The use of both high volume HA and PLLA fillers in particular have been proven to have a significant effect on the enhancement of facial contours as proven by 3-D imaging. The low volume fillers used on the lips can be used to obtain a beautiful and subtle rejuvenating look.

Additionally, Dr Lowe has identified that the use of a cannula when injecting dermal fillers can drop the percentage of bruising from needle injections.

The most important thing to remember is that conservative application and subtle results are the objective of the experienced doctor. More can be injected later if needed. Permanent fillers, new fillers that haven’t been properly tested and injecting too much filler can all lead to poor results and worse. Dr Lowe believes that the above methodologies combined with other non-invasive cosmetic therapies are the key to a fresh and natural look.