If you want to improve your skin quality, particularly around the upper lip and chin, neck and décolletage or hands, this new treatment could be the one for you.

Volite is a minimally invasive injectable treatment which deliveries hyaluronic acid (HA) directly to the skin to improve four key problems:

  • Crepiness – by plumping and hydrating crepey skin that appears saggy, due to lack of tone and moisture
  • Dryness – by hydrating dry skin that appears flaky, irritated and dehydrated, and feels rough and scaly to the touch
  • Roughness – by reducing roughness in the skin
  • Skin Depression – by smoothing out depression in the skin

HA has been used for many years as a filler for lines and wrinkles, and is a naturally occurring substance in the skin. Volite is much thinner than other fillers. It is injected superficially using tiny needles and is designed to last for six months.