I’ve always been more of a morning person, so I start the day off early giving me time to check my emails, read a paper and have my breakfast without feeling rushed. Having a calming morning routine sets me up well for a busy day of seeing patients, meetings and working on my book. My favourite breakfast is soft boiled eggs with toast which gives me energy for the walk to work. 

Before I leave the house I always apply sunscreen, no matter the weather! As the weather is getting warmer I enjoy walking to the clinic through Knightsbridge and Hyde Park which takes me just under an hour and about 8,000 steps on my pedometer. I also pick up an espresso from a quaint café on route.

When I reach the clinic I spend my morning with patients, discussing the best course of action for their skin issues, administering treatments and explaining results from biopsies.


Lunches are always busy with meetings, working on chapters for a new book or research papers, answering patient’s questions or meeting with my staff. I try to fit in my lunch around this so it’s normally something easy to eat like a salad or healthy sandwich.


My afternoons are spent seeing patients in the clinic, again overseeing or administering treatments, writing prescriptions and having new patient consultations. We rarely leave the clinic before 7pm and sometimes it can be even later.


Once I get home I have dinner with my wife Pamela and use the rest of the evening to work on concepts for new skin products. I also like to spend some time reading scientific journals or go online to keep up to date with all aspects of the field of dermatology. As my job requires me to be alert all day, I like to get to bed early so I’m refreshed and ready the following morning.

I hope this highlights to you how demanding the job of a dermatologist can be but also how rewarding it is to help people whose skin ailments can affect their health and wellbeing as well as confidence.