When the children go back to school, no one is fooled that the days will become less stressful, without the need to keep them entertained. Returning back to school or work ultimately means that we are thrown back into routine, stress and busier days. This can take a toll on your skin, and with the changing seasons it is important to try and keep up the positive habits made over summer with regards to skincare. Achieving glowing skin is something that requires you to take conscious care of your complexion all year round.

If you’re feeling low on energy during this time of year make sure you’re eating correctly; this will help not only your energy levels but similarly the way your complexion looks and feels. Your children will also benefit from a healthy lunchbox in the same ways. For nutritionist advice Yvonne Wake provides us with some suggestions:

“To make sure that your child is getting a good solid lunch that will encourage good energy, good brain power and good teeth, skin, hair and nails. All important elements of a growing child.”

“Firstly, foods to avoid would be fizzy drinks, biscuits, chocolate, fruit flavoured snacks that really are full of unwanted sugars, and crisps of course that are full of salt and fat.   Instead go for a nice wholemeal (brown) sandwich with cheese, cucumber and tomatoes, with a banana, an apple, a natural yoghurt with no added colourings and flavourings, a small smoothie and a bottle of water.  Each day try new things i.e. cut up red pepper, small corn on the cob, slices of organic chicken in the sandwich, a small carton of mixed fruit chunks. That is a perfect lunch to ensure that everything from energy levels to skincare is covered.”

Make going back to school or work easier for yourself by following these health tips, keep up with your skincare regime and the results will continue.