As the President of the British Cosmetic Dermatology GroupI was delighted to chair the training of British Dermatologists at our recent workshop on Botulinum Toxins.

There are now four toxins used for reducing facial lines and severe sweating. I conducted some of the very first research studies over 25 years ago in California, where we discovered that Botox TM was able not only to reduce facial lines but actually lift the brow. I discussed the advancements in our treatments over the years; we can now reduce crow’s feet, under eye lines, early jowls, sad facial expressions, gummy smiles, puckered chins and neck wrinkles.

All of us on the dermatology faculty strongly feel that dermatologists and doctors with extra training in dermatology have the greatest knowledge and expertise to train professionals for these types of treatments.

It was a pleasure hosting and teaching at the workshop.