Recent reports show an increase in skin cancer, particularly amongst men. This is disconcerting and should be addressed. The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that five percent of all cancers in men are melanomas, whilst four percent of all cancers in women are melanomas.

Melanoma is a serious cancer than can develop from the skin and spread. The most common indication of melanoma are changes to existing moles or the sudden appearance of new moles. These can be found anywhere on the body and it is essential to be aware of any changes to your skin.

There is a simple way to keep track of the changes, using the following anagram:

Asymmetry – change of shape, especially from round to a larger oval

Border – that becomes irregular in outline

Colour change or Crusting – to any existing mole

Diameter – enlarging size

If these changes occur, rather than rely on a clinic that has photography computers but no dermatology expertise, it is important that you seek a medical examination with a dermatologist.

Wearing SPF daily will help to reduce your chances of skin cancer, protecting your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, simultaneously slowing down the ageing process.