Our skin goes through a lot in a day. Especially in the winter, skin is subject to a whole range of temperatures, from steaming hot showers, freezing cold weather to drying air conditioning.
These drastic changes in temperature can wreak havoc on the skin.

Hot showers are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to dry skin. They can deplete the skin of its natural moisture even more than cold temperatures. Shorten your shower to three minutes maximum. Apply body lotion after gently drying the skin, this helps lock in moisture.

Try to keep your face out of the hot water, when cleansing use warm water instead. Hot water leaches out your skin’s protective oils.

Sardine packed commuting can lead to temperatures sky rocketing, and if you are bundled up in your winter clothes it can cause sweating. Keep oil under wraps with a quick sweep of the Dr Nick Lowe Sebum Control Cleanser. A one-step, alcohol free anti-bacterial cleanser to refine, purify and deeply cleanse pores without stripping skin of vital moisture.

For those with dry skin, hydrating it as often as possible is the key to a good skincare regime. Keep the Dr Nick Lowe Secret Is Out Lifting Cream SPF15 on your desk and reapply throughout the day for superior moisturisation and anti-ageing benefits.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and dark leafy greens at lunch time for lots of protective antioxidants. Including fish in your diet is also great for your skin because they are a natural source of omega fatty acids. The fatty acids can help to reduce skin redness and inflammation damage to your skin.

It might be tempting to combat the cold weather with hot drinks, however, be warned they can lead to facial redness, and exacerbate certain skin problems, such as Rosacea. I personally only ever drink cool tea or coffee. Think cool to say cool!

It is important to note that oil is not the same as hydration and oily skin too needs a little moisture boost during the colder weather. So don’t think that just because you are oily you do not need to moisturise! Those with oily skin may choose to use the Dr Nick Lowe Oil Control Day Cream during the day to help regulate excess surface oils and the Dr Nick Lowe Night Recovery Cream for some superior nourishment as you sleep. Combination dry-oily skin can handle richer creams during the colder months, just ensure they are non-comedogenic, which all of our creams are.

My top tip for winter: remember even winter creams need to contain UVA and UVB rays, winter skin needs protecting from these ageing rays as well.