More recent fillers create a ‘face lifting’ technique whereas before they were initially used for facial lines and hollows. These injectable fillers are now available in numerous commercial and physical varieties.

Of concern were the many more soft tissue fillers available outside the USA ranging from non- biodegradable, permanent to biodegradable.These fillers have a variable risk of adverse events, which partly results from the skills level of the injector but also some of the properties of the filler. With that in mind, I only use fillers that have been FDA approved and those which have extensive high quality treatments.

We discussed how Hyaluronic acid Fillers can now be combined with other collagen stimulating fillers e.g. sculptra for improved patient outcome. The individual duration of the fillers will depend on several factors such as patient’s age, formulation of the filler, depth of injection, laxity of skin injected.

It was a pleasure organising and teaching at the workshop.