Green tea is brimming with benefits for the skin. This is largely due to its high level of antioxidants. Antioxidants are effective protection against ageing-free radicals.

Neutralize Sun Damage In several scientific studies, green tea extract was shown to neutralize the damage done by exposure to UV rays.

A study by Case Western Reserve University showed green tea reduced sunburn. Volunteers had green tea extract applied to their skin, which was then exposed to solar radiation, the researchers observed protection from sunburn.

In yet another study, participants were given 250mg of green tea polyphenols twice a day (one cup of green tea has between 50 and 100mg of polyphenols). Six months later they reported significant improvement in overall sun damage, redness, and broken capillary veins, suggesting that green tea may help reverse the sun damage you already have.

Green tea appears to give sun protection by reducing free radicals and inflammation rather than blocking UV rays. Therefore, green tea, and other antioxidants, help sun protection with sunscreen use.

Drink your green tea and apply your Secret is Out Lifting Cream SPF15 daily to stop potential sun damage from brewing. My Secret is Out Lifting Cream contains similar antioxidants, in addition to SPF15 and UVA sunscreen- our triple protection!

If you have missed a spot with the sunscreen and ended up with sunburn try cold compresses made out of green tea bags, this can help relieve pain and reduce redness.

Prevent Skin Cancer A 2003 study published in the American Chemical Society discovered that green tea prevents skin cancer by blocking the harmful enzyme junk-2. A study conducted in the UK revealed that those who drank two or more cups of green tea a day had a 65% lower risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma. Interestingly, the same study noted that drinking tea with lemon boosts its anti-cancer properties.

Anti-inflammation People with skin conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea and dandruff, which are caused by inflammation, may benefit the most from the anti-inflammatory action of the chemicals in green tea. In a study in 2007 published in Experimental Dermatology, green tea was shown to lessen the severity of psoriasis in an experimental study.

Puffy Eyes for a quick fix in the morning try using English Breakfast Tea Bags for their caffeine and Green Tea Bags for their antioxidant protection. Soak the tea bags in hot water first to activate the caffeine, and then cool them down in the fridge. Lie down and rest them on your eyes for 10 minutes.  At night apply my Puffy Eyes Gel.


Don’t horse around with your skin this year and join me in celebrating the 31st of January with a mug of green tea.