Now whilst chocolate per se will not make you break out, the high levels of dairy in milk and white chocolate can. Milk is full of hormones which can cause spots.

Dark chocolate is the dark horse of the chocolate world. Scientific data suggests eating chocolate high in flavonoids can protect the skin against sunburn and UV damage. Eating dark chocolate (with a high cocoa content of 70%) can reduce skin damage with its anti-oxidants benefits. One study showed that after three months, ingestion of high flavanol chocolate also improved skin thickness, hydration and microcirculation. However, dark chocolate will not help to reduce your facial lines; you’ll need creams, Botox or fillers for that.

Don’t put all your ‘skin’ eggs in one basket and rely on eating chocolate alone. Still use your broad-spectrum protective cream daily. Our tried and fully tested Secret is Out Lifting Cream offers more than just superior moisturisation, this multi-benefit, sumptuously rich SPF15 day cream has UVA protection and highly effective antioxidants to target several signs of skin ageing.

Happy Easter everyone.