I was delighted to read Tatler’s feature on the sensitive issue of excess perspiration. Understandably, it is a particularly common concern during the summer months and something my daughter, Dr Philippa Lowe, and I treat frequently using Botox. The initial studies with Botulinum toxins for Facial Rejuvenation and Hyperhydrosis, conducted by myself and Dr Philippa Lowe, found that Botox can help treat the problem extremely well. Botox blocks the nerve transmission chemical that controls the release of sweat so that patients may feel more comfortable and confident in their skin. Each of my patients are treated individually and to the severity of their condition; this ensures effective treatment which can last for up to two years. If sweaty palms make you feel self-conscious and you’re interested to find out more about the process of preventing perspiration make sure you get a copy of this month’s Tatler.