This week a YouGov poll revealed that one in five adults do not believe they can get sunburnt if they already have a tan, and that half of the people surveyed did not know they could get a suntan through a window.

My August campaign on social media aimed to highlight these dangers. I encourage patients to wear SPF on a daily basis and remind them to apply it to all areas of the body that may be visible to the sun throughout the day- for example hands, the back of the neck, feet and ears. It is important also to remember that when you’re driving inside the car you can catch a tan as the sun’s rays can, of course, penetrate through window.

If anything is to become your skincare mantra it is essential to wear SPF every day (even if it isn’t sunny) as this will help to prevent anti-ageing and also the chances of skin cancer. The skin cancer rates in the UK are reported to be among the world’s highest and so it is important that we do our best to reduce this statistic and raising awareness about the sun’s dangerous rays.