How are your New Year’s resolutions going?

Most fall short by the first week of January, however, we’re here to help you follow through on your best skin-tentions with five easy to follow resolutions, and so this year you have no excuses!

New Year’s Resolution #1 Wear Sunscreen

With protection against UVA, remember it’s the ageing ray.

Every single day, rain or shine, inside or outside.

Even the most beauty-wise women still occasionally skimp on the sunscreen, yet UVA exposure is the number one cause of premature aging.

Studies indicate that 78% of the sun exposure we get in a lifetime is incidental exposure; from working in your home or office near windows, walking to and from places, even driving your car will subject you to unnecessary UV damage.

The Super Charged SPF15 Day Cream makes sun protection easy. More than just a superior moisturiser, this multi-benefit, sumptuously rich SPF15, UVA protective, day cream targets several signs of ageing.

New Year’s Resolution #2 Wash your face before bed

We all know how important cleansing your face is; after all you can’t have good skin without first having clean skin. Yet, many of us still have those nights when we fall into bed with our makeup still on.

For nights when you’re just too exhausted keep a bottle of the SIO Lifting Cream Cleanser by the side of your bed, swipe over your face on a cotton pad, and then wipe off with a clean one. Never mind the residue- it’s actually moisturizing for the skin.

New Year’s Resolution #3 Clean up after the Gym

Don’t let your skin take a hit at the expense of your body. New Year’s resolutions are more often than not exercise centred. However, many people aren’t washing right away after classes, and as a result are experiencing breakouts. If your gym doesn’t have a shower keep your Sebum Control Cleanser in your bag and wipe it over the face, back and chest after class, and change into a clean, dry t-shirt. When you get home jump in the shower as soon as possible.

Many people get ‘bacne’ from exercise; this is actually due to frictional breakouts, from tight fitting gym clothes. Workout in loose fitting garments to keep your skin in the clear.

New Year’s Resolution #4 Don’t pop the pimple

Spots contain mainly acne bacteria. If you squeeze the spot this tends to force the acne bacteria into the surrounding skin where it may cause more redness and inflammation and often a much larger spot than you had in the first place.

As soon as you feel a spot starting to sprout apply the Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel. The high potency of the anti-bacterial ingredients helps fight the causes of skin breakouts. It can be applied 3-4 times a day, even over makeup, dab directly onto spots. 

New Year’s Resolution #5 Handle with Care

Hands are an oft neglected body part, yet they are a real give away in terms of your age.

Like the face, hands are exposed to aging UV rays and need coverage.

Our superb multi-tasking hand cream is boosted with protective SPF15, an advanced dual-action Vitamin A, potent moisturisers and a Mulberry derived skin lightener to help preserve the youthfulness of your hands, nails and cuticles. With regular use the appearance of nails and cuticles are improved and hands are left hydrated, smoother and softened.