This month I helped Tatler 'stick two fingers up at ageing hands.'

Below are some of my most handy top tips.

  • Forget if you are a washer or a walker, the real question is are you a soap washer? Frequent washing of your hands with soap will lead to chronically dry hands. So wash your hands of soap cleansers, not with them!




  • Sun damage and pigmentation are big problems for hands, but lasers are a great treatment option. If a person has a few spots that are benign I will use the Ruby or Alexandrite Laser.


  • If there are dark patches and early crinkling (crepiness and wrinkling) I will then use the Fraxel Dual Laser, this combines two wavelengths; one to lighten and one to tighten.



  • Harder to tackle in hands is loss of volume. Skin loses subcutaneous fat and collagen as we age; this allows tendons and veins to become more visible, which in turn make the hands look more aged.


  • Fillers can offer a helping hand. They can plump up, smooth out, hydrate and improve the skin's appearance.


  • The skin ages faster on the hands due to daily exposure to chemicals, smoke and most importantly, UV rays, which even penetrate through the car window when driving! It is very important to keep your hands fully moisturised and protected all year round, and it is never too late to start caring for them as the skin has excellent capacity for repair.


Give your hands the same TLC you give your face and you'll be waving goodybe to aged hands in no time.