But, before you pour out the Pimms and your limbs, follow Dr Lowe’s sun savvy advice.

Research by St Tropez found a staggering one in three Brits don’t wear any sun protection when on home soil because they don’t believe they’re at risk of sun damage. Unfortunately, neither cancer, wrinkles or pigmentation discriminate along such lines.

Only 38% of us know that it is SPF that predominately protects against sunburn, and only 39% are aware that it is UVA, rather than SPF, that protects against skin ageing.

Both my Super Charged Day Cream and Secret is Out Lifting Day Cream offer broad-spectrum protection and SPF15, meaning you’ll be protected against ageing and burning.

Don’t just pull out last year’s body SPF, these products have expiration dates so check them!

Most people don’t apply adequate levels of sunscreen, so follow Dr Lowe’s 10p rule. Each zone needs 10p, so for your whole body you’ll need 20 x 10p amounts!