You are what you eat

Remember the old saying, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’?

We all know that beauty starts from within. Good nutrition is a key part of keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy.  Quite simply you are what you eat.

What you put into your body affects your skin, follow my top tips on what foods to eat, and not eat, to tackle the most common skin problems.

Banish those Blemishes

What to eat: Egg Yolks

Why: The secret to clear skin has finally been cracked! Egg yolks are zinc.  Zinc has been shown to fight acne-causing bacteria, is a natural anti-inflammatory, and helps assist the body to normalise the amount of oils on the skin. An egg-cellent choice for acne sufferers.

What to avoid: Milk 

Why: It’s not just your hormones that could be to blame for those blemishes; you also have the cow’s to deal with. Milk is full of growth hormones to help baby cows grow. But they can also help grow your spots! A Study conducted in the United States among 47,000 women showed that those who consumed more than two glasses of milk per week were in 44% higher risk of developing acne than women who drank one glass of milk or less.

Remember, there’s actually no such thing as ‘hormone-free milk’. What producers really mean by that is that no synthetic hormones were given to the dairy cows, however, the natural IGF-1 hormones are still there. So, organic milk and hormone free-milk are not much better for your skin!

Soy milk is made from processed soybeans, which can have oestrogen-mimicking effects on the body. Any food that could potentially disturb your hormones in this way is something you’ll want to avoid if you want clear skin.

Product Pairing: Sebum Control Cleanser

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