Hair Clinic

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for hair growth for thinning hair and eyebrows.

PRP can also be used to treat some types of scalp hair loss and thinning eyebrows.

Why use your own Platelets:

Hair loss in men and women begins with hair becoming smaller, called miniturisation. The hair on your head or eyebrows looks thinner and your hair loss gradually worses. PRP has been proven scientifically to thicken these small hairs and prevent loss leading hair restoration further.

When platelets are activated in the body they produce proteins called growth factors. It is these growth factors that are thought to be able to help stimulate your hair, improving hair growth and thickening hair.

What happens during your treatment?

A small sample of your blood is processed in a specialised system designed to extract your platelets in a safe clinical manner. These platelets are then harvested into syringes and injected into the area you wish to be treated.

PRP is from your own blood, known as autologous. As you are using your own tissue, it will not not cause you any allergic reaction or other risks.

You will usually need three initial monthly sessions to achieve optimum results followed by possible fourth treatment after 6 months.

The need or frequency of future treatments varies.

PRP treatments can safely be repeated for hair miniturisation or thinning eyebrows if required.

Other hair treatments

Our Hair Clinic fully evaluates the many reasons for hair loss before deciding on an optimum individual treatments. Some medical conditions cause hair and eyebrow loss and will be investigated.

We now have numerous treatments to improve hair growth.

Other treatments include supplements plus Minoxidol Foam.

For women tablets can be prescribed to reduce androgen hormone effects on hair loss. In men other tablets can be prescribed.