The Lowe Glow

Put the glow back with this no-downtime trio of treatments which combines DermaSweep, NdYag laser-facial and a chemical peel to leave your skin deeply cleansed, replenished and glowing with vitality!

Step One: The gentle exfoliating DermaSweep is a workout for the skin. This non-invasive exfoliation and multi-level skin resurfacing system using a treatment bristle tip and a variable-level vacuum system. The tip removes the top layer of the skin and the vacuum action cleans the pores and removes skin debris. Blood flow is stimulated, boosting collagen and elastin.

Step Two: The gentle warmth of the NdYag laser-facial will stimulate collagen and add luminosity to the skin. The laser uses light to target and reduce unwanted capillaries and redness of the skin. The targeted blood vessels absorb the light energy which gets converted to heat leading to destruction of the blood vessels, reducing facial redness and stimulating collagen.

Step Three: The chemical peel further enhances the skin and will improve the overall texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, brighten the tone and texture.

This trio of treatments takes approximately 50 minutes, The Lowe Glow promotes a healthy, youthful glow by stimulating collagen, reducing the visible signs of ageing, smoothing complexions, balancing irregular skin tones and softening the skin. Suitable for all skin types, The Lowe Glow costs £680