The Cosmetic Removal of Moles

Dr Lowe says: "Patients often request moles to be removed because they find them unsightly and are conscious of their appearance. It is essential that moles need to be accurately diagnosed by a dermatologist or skin specialist, physician before they are removed. These experts often use a special magnifying viewer called dermoscope to help the diagnosis. Only then should the mole be removed and always sent for a pathology examination. Non-skin specialists do not have the expertise required to diagnose normal  moles or cancerous or pre-cancerous skin lesion. Sometimes cancerous moles can be colourless and do not look visibly cancerous, therefore, any mole which is removed, even if it is for cosmetic reasons, should be sent to a dermatological pathology lab for testing".


Basal cell cancer. Early Dermatologist diagnosis leads to early and complete clearing treatment.

This mole had an irregular margin. It was benign and did not need more treatment.

Our magnifying dermoscope photography helps skin examination.