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A Day Spent Well with My Best Friends

24 Februari 2023   00:31 Diperbarui: 24 Februari 2023   01:00 41
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Last semester break, I went back to my home in Bandung. I did a lot of things and I also met many friends who I hadn't seen for a long time in Bandung. The most memorable and touched memory from the last semester break was a meeting with my junior high school friends.

On the first day I arrived in Bandung, my friend contacted me via chat asking if I had time to meet them. Long story short I finally met them at a café we used to visit. We talked about a lot of things, shared our anxiety, and we gave each other motivating advice. Until we thought that we had to spend a whole day together before returning to our daily lives. Then we started planning a girl's day out, starting from the places we wanted to visit, the food we wanted to eat, and even the outfits we wanted to wear. We also plan to exchange gifts so we can have couple items.

A girl's day out, starting with visiting an art exhibition from well-known painters in Bandung. We spent time enjoying the beautiful art while trying to understand the meaning of each art, and of course taking pictures of it. The next stop is we visited the garden which is still in the same area as the art exhibition. In the garden, we did a gift exchange. As you can see in the photo I inserted above, it was a couple gift that we got.

After that, we felt hungry and we visited the restaurant based on my recommendation. The restaurant we visited was an outdoor concept and luckily at that time, the weather was very good. In that restaurant, we saw the sight of sunset with the shades of the sky color bluish purple, what a beautiful and warm sight. Then at the night, we saw the city lights of Bandung.

We spent a whole day focusing on each other, in fact, we rarely used our smartphones at that time. We talk about our concerns in life and encourage each other. I was so relieved by their encouragement, they made me feel alive again. That moment was memorable for me, I felt like nature knew my mood so the atmosphere throughout the day was peaceful and warm.

I realized that sometimes a strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation or being together every time, as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends never part.

Things are never quite as scary when you've got a best friend. (Dokpri)
Things are never quite as scary when you've got a best friend. (Dokpri)

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