Dark Spots Worsen Over Winter

Dark spots and sun spots can be a skin ageing giveaway. They show up on sun exposed skin such as the hands, the face, the neck and upper chest.
They are caused by repeat sun exposure, but often take 10 or 20 years to actually develop after that first sun exposure and damage.
They Are Far More Noticeable in The Winter Months
In summer sun exposure (even in those using sunscreen) increases the background colour and tanning of the skin and, as a result, the brown spots are camouflaged by the darker skin colour.  You may be fooled into thinking the spots have gone away, but they are just hidden by the tan.

The bad news is when the tan fades in the autumn and winter the brown spots become noticeable again.
The good news is that we have some excellent treatments that can treat and clear these spots, either permanently or certainly for long periods of time. 
Alexandrite Laser
A laser that specifically targets the dark brown colour. This is excellent for stubborn deep brown spots.
Intense Pulsed light (IPL)
If you have a number of brown spots, superficial wrinkles and facial thread veins the IPL can rejuvenate skin, clearing brown spots and preventing new ones. The IPL can treat the whole face, neck and upper chest.

Fraxel "Restore" Laser
This gentle laser reduces brown spots, larger brown patches, smooths deeper wrinkles and tightens loose skin on the face, neck and upper chest. This is chosen if you have more wrinkles as well as brown spots. 

These are just some of the treatments we offer here at The Cranley Clinic. If you have any queries, or would like to book an appointment, please call us on 0207 499 3223.