Winter Breakout

Why does acne get worse at different times of the year especially around mid-winter?

One reason is poor diet over the holiday period. Many of us binge on poor quality carbs, cakes, mince pies, sweets and alcohol.  All of these have a very high glycaemic index due to the sugar.

Poor quality high glycaemic foods make the acne worse by increasing sebaceous or acne gland activity. Increased production levels of the hormone insulin are a result of these high carb diets. The insulin action is to reduce the increased glucose from the high carbohydrate intake, (when this hormone is defective, this can result in diabetes). Unfortunately, this hormone can also cause chemicals in the skin that have an inflammatory effect. 

Acne can get worse in winter due to the stress caused in the run up to Christmas and depression from SAD, seasonal affective disorder.

When you are stressed your body releases hormones to help cope with this.  These hormones also cause acne.

If you notice your acne starting to flare act immediately. Make sure you are using an effective anti-acne treatment such as the acclenz™ Blemish Solutions range. Keep the spot gel in your bag to apply at the first sight of a breakout and through the day.

Talk to your GP or dermatologist about changing or adding in new treatments to control and prevent your acne.

Improve your diet and try to avoid sugary food and drinks. For SAD, consider visible light treatment.

There is some good news if you suffer from acne.  Your skin may age more slowly than those with no history of acne, and wrinkles and skin thinning may occur later in life.  A recent study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology has shown that acne sufferers blood cells may be protected against ageing by telomeres (caps at the end of DNA strands that protect against cell ageing).