Is clear skin achievable for acne?

"Stay positive in the knowledge that with my help you CAN achieve the clear skin you have always wanted," says Dr Lowe.

After 30 years of experience in dermatology, researching and treating the most challenging acne conditions and skin problems, Dr Lowe and his expert team at the Cranley Clinic are confident finding the very best treatment for you and achieving a complexion free of acne.

Dr Lowe says "You have a treatable condition and we now have a way to improve, clear and control problem skin."

Acne is caused by the testosterone hormone in the blood. This hormone controls the production of sebum, which is the oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands in the skin. At the same time the dead skin cells that line the opening of the hair follicles are not shed properly causing them to become blocked. An excess production of sebum combined with the blocking of the hair follicles is what causes the formation of spots. These changes in the skin also encourage bacteria to grow on the skin; this can also become trapped in the hair follicles and causes deeper infections and spots.

True or False?

    • Acne can be hereditary. True!
      Acne can be caused by certain drugs (e.g. oral contraceptives, anti-epileptic medicines, steroids). True!
      Acne can be a problem at any stage in life and not just during teenage years. True!
      If left untreated, acne can lead to permanent scarring. True!
      Acne sufferers may experience high levels of stress and depression and seeking effective treatment will provide as many psychological benefits as physical. True!
      Many over the counter general acne preparations are a waste of time and money. True!
      Eating greasy foods can cause and worsen Acne, although you should try to maintain a balanced diet and avoid any foods that you feel do worsen your skin such as milk or chocolate. Latest research indicates that milk or chocolate may be problematic for some acne sufferers as the high milk content may be susceptible to hormones from cows. However, chocolate lovers will be relieved to know that on the other hand, dark chocolate has considerable benefits to encouraging healthy skin because of its high anti-oxidant properties. False! 
    • Acne is caused by poor hygiene (but not washing your face or removing makeup will cause bacteria to multiply on the skin and increase or cause other skin problems). False! 

Dr Lowe says: "A delay in acne treatment can lead to permanent scarring. Time is of the essence in achieving a clear skin for acne sufferers. If you have a significant or long-standing skin problem, do not waste your time and money in trying ordinary over the counter skin care products, as you may need our specialist help."

After seeing literally thousands of acne sufferers who have experienced frustration & disappointment with the ineffective choice of over the counter acne preparations available in the UK, Dr Lowe has spent many years researching avidly to find a solution. He is therefore very proud to now have his  acclenz™ Blemish Solutions Range line available online.

At long last you can buy an effective and inexpensive professionally prepared cleanser, moisturiser & repair serum that has been especially developed for acne sufferers and that will effectively and speedily start to resolve your acne symptoms. Promising visibly outstanding results, this cutting edge specialist skin care by Dr Nick Lowe proves that effective acne skincare need not be hard to find or overly expensive.

A Final Word From Dr Nick Lowe: "Give both your appearance and your self-confidence the boost it has been longing for, by ordering my acclenz™ Range today. I promise that the only thing you will regret is that it took me years to produce!"

Following microdermabrasion, peels and daily usage of  acclenz™ Oil Control Day Cream and  acclenz™ Deep Action Blemish serum.